Sunday, February 15, 2009



People from all walks of life know that bicycle nowadays has two version. Classic bicycle and also modern bicycle. But do you know about their similarity and different? Here i would like to share about the compare and contrast in both bicycle.

For the similarity for the both modern and classic bicycle is first of all, the part on it's body. The first part is handle. both bicycle still use handle to help people to ride it. Next is the wheel. Both model still use two wheel. There are two wheel because people will easier to ride it. Beside that, the body of both model still the same. Even though nowadays there are a lot different but the concept still the same. The body will support the load from the rider. Apart from that, the brake also still same for the both model. All bicycle has brake because it is necessary in order to avoid from accident. Beside brake, both model also still use lamp. And its function still same. To help the rider to ride the bike at the night and also to make sure that the other vehicle will see them. Both model also has saddle. Saddle is the place where we sit on it and cycle the bicycle. Without this part, the people will not become comfortable to ride the bicycle. Beside saddle, there also a part called the Fender. We can see that both model still use the fender in order to avoid us from get dirty. Fender is the part that cover the wheel. Both model also have pedal, the part that will support our feet when we cycle the bicycle. This part will help the rider to cycle the bicycle smoothly. Last but not least, every vehicle in this world will have their own key system. That is still the same with the modern bicycle and classic bicycle. Both of the model have key to lock the wheel from being stole by bad people.

For the comparison between both model, i also will share about the part on the bicycle also. The first part of bicycle is the handle. For the classic bicycle, its handle is in curve design while for the modern bicycle its handle is in straight type and also in complex design. For your information, modern bicycle has better design of handle. And its also suitable for all people. The second part of bicycle is the wheel and its body. Both model has two wheel and a body but the material is totally different. For the classic bicycle, the material used is stainless steel material. But for the modern bicycle they used alloy for the wheels and carbon for the body. That's why we could see that classic bicycle is much heavier than modern bicycle. Apart from that, the brake system is also different. Classic bicycle use caliper brake while modern bicycle use disc brake. There are a lot of different between both system. Disc brake is much more easy to use and

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